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Class Materials

On this page, you will find the additional equipment required for the EMT class. You may procure this equipment your own way, but these are the items we recommend based on quality and price. We receive a commission by using the links below. It helps us maintain the website. Thank you!



Student EMT Polo

Purchase your Chicago EMT Uniform Polo here

You'll wear your uniform to every in-person lab session as well as every clinical rotation


Navy Blue Pants

These pants can range from dickies/dockers style pants to tactical medic-style pants. They must have belt loops. No jeans, no scrubs, no leggings

Men's Dickies:

Women's Dickies:

Men's Under Armour Pants:

Women's Under Armour Pants:

womens dickies emt cargo pants
EMT cargo dickies pants
under armour emt boots
women's black adidas running shoe



Shoes or Boots must be solid black (including logos and emblems). They may be dress shoes (with laces), gym shoes, or boots. No flats



MedTech EMT Supplies

Please use this link to obtain the majority of the additional materials required for the program. 

EMT Supplies

  • Stethoscope

  • BP cuff

  • Trauma Shears

  • Eyewear

  • Penlight

Chicago EMT kit 1 Black Backpack.jpg



We will be utilizing the stethoscope to listen to lung sounds and blood pressures

prestige medical stethoscope
adc stethoscope
everdixie manual blood pressure cuff


Blood Pressure Cuff

Must be a manual blood pressure cuff. Preferably separate from the stethoscope so we can use the stethoscope to listen to lung sounds.


Pen Light

We'll utilize this to assess pupils


Reusable LED Pen Light

**Pen lights do not come with AAA batteries

disposable pen light
reusable pen light.jpg
eye goggles


Eye Protection

Glasses/Goggles must be worn at every clinical


Wrist Watch

We use the wrist watch to assess heart rate and respiratory rate. We leave it up to you on obtaining a digital vs analog watch. We prefer analog.

Analog Watch

Digital Watch

digital wrist watch
analog wrist watch
surgical masks


Surgical Masks

Surgical Masks must be worn when sneezing or coughing in lab with a confirmed negative COVID test.​

Purchase here

2020 BLS HCP Manual


2020 BLS CPR Manual

The CPR manual we will use by the American Heart Association


Pulse Ox (Not Required)

Place this device on the finger to assess how saturated the patient's hemoglobin is. It will also provide a relatively accurate heart rate

zacurate pulse ox
Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 12.20.09 AM.png


Test Prep Books (Not Required)

Your best chance at passing the NREMT is by exposing yourself to as many similar questions as possible. We highly recommend purchasing a prep book and downloading some prep apps for your phone


Textbook + MyBradyLab

We are in the process of transitioning to a more recent version of this textbook. Please double check with Marty regarding the edition. 

Once you receive your course code for MyBradylab, you will be prompted to purchase an online access code. You will need this to complete your online quizzes and access your grades.

prehospital care by pearson textbook image.jpg
emt notepad


EMT Notepad [Not Required]

These notepads come with sections similar to a patient care report. They will help you with your patient assessments during your clinicals

Find here: Notepad


Trauma Shears [Not Required]

The Xshears have titanium coated blades that will last you multiple uses. These are not required for class but are nicer quality than most shears.

Find here: XShear

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