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1. Find EMT Course


  • Cost

  • Duration

  • Experience of instructors

  • Clinical Experiences

  • Location


2. Complete Course

  • Online Lectures

  • In-Person Labs

  • At least 40 hours of Clinical Rotations at various hospitals and ambulance ride alongs

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3. Challenge NREMT

  • Similar to medical school and nursing school, you're not an EMT after EMT school. We must challenge the NREMT

  • Adaptive multiple choice exam

  • Accepted in any state


4. Obtain State License

  • Correspond with your EMT program to convert your NREMT certificate into a state license

  • Remember, it's your responsibility to maintain continuing education hours if you want to renew your EMT license/certifcate.


5. Potential Jobs

  • Private Ambulances

  • Mental Health worker

  • ER Tech

  • Event Med Staffing

  • Law Enforcement

  • Security

  • Fire Dept

  • Plasma Donation Center


Chicago EMT Training is an amazing program that has prepared me extremely well to become an EMT-B (basic). More importantly, this 18-week course made me a better person. Victor and Marty are great people who are incredibly dedicated to your learning and genuinely wish the best for you. They push you to achieve high standards with support and encouragement, and I think this program produces the most knowledgeable and skilled EMTs in the area. Their Youtube channel has some of the most informative emergency medicine videos out there. The training is a wonderful investment, whether you are in a career change, hoping to acquire clinical hours for other healthcare professions, or simply want to feel more confident handling emergency situations.

~Katie K (Spring 2022)

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2054 W Cermak Rd Chicago, IL 60608
(773) 823-1354
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